Sharpen the Saw - November

Things I've read or learned this month that are worth mentioning.

Seven Deadly Sins of Microservices

Daniel Bryant’s updated talk on the Seven Deadly Sins of Microservices.

Guiding Principles for an Evolutionary Architecture

Aidan Casey describes some guiding principles for an Evolutionary Architecture.

Developing Reactive Applications with Reactive Streams and Java 8

The Devoxx 2016 University talk on developing reactive applications with Java 8.

Challenges With Randomness In Multi-tenant Linux Container Platforms

A very interesting blog post about the challenges running multiple containers on Linux. This explains the reason why you have to install the haveged random number generator on an Ubuntu host.

10 modern software engineering mistakes

It doesn’t happen very often that I completely agree with a blog post, but this is one of those. I’ve seen every one of these 10 mistakes on every project I’ve every joined.

Scaling Microservices with an Event Stream

"Services collaboration through events leads to a much more scalable architecture, with simpler and better tailored models, that will reduce the complexity of your digital assets, increase scalability, and improve your ability to collect data for analytics purposes."