Sharpen the Saw - Microservices and DevOps edition

Some interesting blog posts on microservices and DevOps.

Randy Shoup

Randy Shoup gave a very interesting talk about how Google and eBay evolved to a microservice architecture. After his talk he also gave an interview about it.

I really like his view on microservices versus monoliths. Monoliths are not evil. For most companies, or most stages of companies, monoliths are the way to go. This is an illustration of the monolith-first strategy Sam Newman writes about in his book.

Martin Fowler

You can’t talk about a trend in the IT world without mentioning Martin Fowler. His description of what microservices are and when to use them is, as usual, a must-read.

Sander Hoogendoorn

I know Sander from his courses and talks about agile and pragmatic UML, but his insights about microservices is also a worthwhile read.

Consumer-driven Contracts

When building a microservice architecture, you need to make sure that your services respect their API contracts as they evolve. Consumer Driven Contracts is a pattern that tackles this. This post provides an overview of how Pact can help.


Casey West makes an excellent point about DevOps. Even though it’s a good idea to start your DevOps journey by assembling a DevOps team, the mission of that team should be to have everyone in your delivery organisation practice DevOps.