I am a seasoned IT professional based in Erpe-Mere, Belgium. I'm usually known as the architect who quotes movies a lot.

My main focus is on helping development teams build great software, as architect, coach or team lead. I strongly believe in agile and lean, while not being a Scrum fundamentalist or an agile hippie. Think Toyota.

With almost 2 decades of experience in software development and architecture, I have worked on numerous projects of all sizes, as architect, team lead, or developer. I have developed a knack for guiding teams to excellence, delivering business value while keeping things clean and simple. I generally prefer a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach over high principles, or, to quote one of my former colleagues: Jurgen is the man you need when you want to get things done perfectly with no fuss.

In my most recent assignment, I was able to turn the ship of a failing microservices project around, heading towards a successful, company-wide rollout. This was achieved by working closely together with the development teams on a more lean way of thinking, introducing DevOps and continuous deployment and bridging the traditional gap between delivery and infrastructure, before moving to the cloud.